Henson-Logging is a plugin that allows you to easily use structured logging (via structlog) with a Henson application.


from henson import Application
from henson_logging import Logging

app = Application(__name__)
logger = Logging(app)

In addition to giving you a logger that can be used throughout your application, it will replace Henson’s internal logger with the new one.


The following configuration settings can be added to the application’s settings.

LOG_FORMAT The logging.LogRecord format to use when logging messages. For most uses the default format is sufficient as all names added to the message will be included in it. Any additional values provided through logging.LogRecord can be included in the message through the use of of processors. default: '%(message)s\n'
LOG_FORMATTER The formatter to use in conjunction with the handler. default: 'henson'
LOG_HANDLER The log handler to use. default: 'logging.StreamHandler'
LOG_HANDLER_KWARGS A dict of kwargs to be passed to the log handler class’s __init__ method. default: {}
LOG_LEVEL The threshold of logged messages. Any messages below this level will be ignored. default: 'INFO'
LOG_CONTEXT_CLASS The type of mapping to use to track field names included in messages. default: dict


There are other configuration settings supported by Henson-Logging but they are intended for future and/or advanced uses, and as such have been omitted from the section.


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